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Planning a trip to Shanghai Disneyland, as the newest Disney park, can often be a daunting task. You may find lots of information on “when’s the best time to visit?”, “crowd calendars” & “a touring plan to maximise your time” but what should you actually take with you to make the most of the time you do have once you get there?

Having completed a trip back in November 2016, and experiencing the park for myself in all it’s spectacular and whacky glory, I have put together the following packing list to help make your trip as enjoyable as possible.

Sturdy Shoes

I’m starting with the most important one here. And although it sounds pretty obvious, sturdy shoes are an absolute MUST. Those familiar with other Disney parks, may not be fully prepared for the sheer scale of Shanghai Disneyland, it’s not only large, but spread out. If you are going to optimise your time in the parks by maximising your fast passes, you’re going to be doing a lot of walking (or in the case of soarin, running!) across the park, so be extra specially kind on your feet.


The weather in Shanghai is highly changeable, and in the case of our trip in November very unpredictable. We had days where t-shirts and shorts were a must, and on other days I needed a pair of fleece lined leggings under my jeans to keep the cold out. Rather than trying to second guess, take layers, LOTS of layers and you’ll be prepared for anything.

shanghai disneyland in the rain

An Umbrella

Pick up a tiny umbrella (I used these) in keep in your backpack, you may not need it, but when it rains, you’ll see a sea of umbrellas appear as if from nowhere and they come in especially handy for keeping a ring of personal space when queuing.


In some ways linked to the above (reading it back I’m realising I’m a little obsessed with the weather, rain in particular!) there are occasions when an umbrella isn’t an option. Take a waterproof layer to keep you dry on rides, they aren’t all undercover.

Queuing at shanghai disneyland


China is still a cash loving culture and although using cards is possible, (although be careful, they don’t often have chip and pin so you may have issues with your card provider) cash is still the easiest and preferred method of payment. In fact as some smaller stalls “cash only” is commonplace so make sure you have some to hand so as not to miss out on yummy snacks.

snacks at shanghai disneyland

An open mind

Lastly, and ok, you got me, not an ACTUAL thing (that would be a little bit grim ?) but still very important. Go with an open mind. Much has been written about the cultural differences and horrors that await western travellers but if you go with an open mind, and a willingness to accept that things are done a little differently, especially in the personal space department! you will have a fantastic and memorable experience.

So what do you think? Any Shanghai Disneyland visitors think I’ve missed anything from my packing list? If you’re still planning your trip, what are you looking forward to most? I’d love to know 🙂



  1. May 13, 2017 / 7:35 am

    Nice Picture And cash in hand means important to consider when buying snacks

  2. May 13, 2017 / 7:42 am

    There is a Disney in Shanghai? Did not know that…the photos are stunning :3 the weather just looks like a typical British day… ?

    • hannah
      May 24, 2017 / 8:17 pm

      yes, it opened just under a year ago 🙂

  3. May 13, 2017 / 8:03 am

    Decent shoes and layers are my go to no matter where I go.
    I went to China a few years ago, I definitely know what you mean about the different culture, it can be especially frustrating when in crowded places.
    Thanks for the tips!

    • hannah
      May 24, 2017 / 8:18 pm

      and their version of crowded is nothing like ours!

      • June 6, 2017 / 9:15 am

        Does that mean it’s worse? Or better than our crowded?

        Thanks for this, I’ve not had the please of any of the Asian parks yet, but they are quite high on my list of must do’s!

  4. Akamatra
    May 14, 2017 / 6:54 am

    I love posts like this, they give a ton of useful information for people visiting Disney and optimising their experience!

  5. May 14, 2017 / 7:40 pm

    You always hear about Disneyland Paris or the one in the states but I never heard of the Shanghai one. Sounds with an Umbrella you’ll have a great experience.
    Lea, xx

  6. May 14, 2017 / 8:00 pm

    Omg, I didn’t know Shanghai had Disneyland!! I bet all disneyland are similar but now I definitely want to visit!

    • hannah
      May 24, 2017 / 8:18 pm

      this one is VERY different

  7. May 14, 2017 / 9:04 pm

    Wonderful pictures! Great suggestions! An open mind is a necessity in every new place.

  8. May 14, 2017 / 11:26 pm

    We just did the Orlando, FL Disney two summer ago. I can’t imagine the differences between the two, and I’d be fascinated to see it! Interesting article, especially the cultural references!

  9. Tereza
    May 26, 2017 / 5:23 pm

    Oh wow I totally didn’t even know there was Disneyland in Shanghai! I read so many posts about the one in Orlando and Paris and never about this one! It looks ace! x

  10. May 27, 2017 / 3:50 am

    Hey there Hannah!

    I have to salute you for venturing into the sea of people in Shanghai Disneyland. As an Asian myself, I have never imagined myself stepping into that mass of people. Even I myself do get a cultural shock when stepping into China. I am Singaporean by the way. 🙂


    • hannah
      May 28, 2017 / 2:23 pm

      haha thanks 🙂 yes it was a bit daunting, I love Singapore! We Had a fab time there in 2015.

  11. Sheryl Ballos
    January 5, 2020 / 2:48 pm

    Does it rain during December? We plan to visit.


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