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Dating the It Guy by krysten Lindsay Hager Review

Dating the It Guy Synopsis

“Emme is a sophomore in high school who starts dating, Brendon Agretti, the popular senior who happens to be a senator’s son and well-known for his good looks. Emme feels out of her comfort zone in Brendon’s world and it doesn’t help that his picture perfect ex, Lauren seems determined to get back into his life along with every other girl who wants to be the future Mrs. Agretti. Emme is already conflicted due to the fact her last boyfriend cheated on her and her whole world is off kilter with her family issues. Life suddenly seems easier keeping Brendon away and relying on her crystals and horoscopes to guide her. Emme soon starts to realize she needs to focus less on the stars and more on her senses. Can Emme get over her insecurities and make her relationship work? Life sure is complicated when you’re dating the it guy.

Note: This review is spoiler-free!

Why did I pick it?

Having recently delved into contemporary YA fiction I thought I’d take it one step further and try something else in the genre.

What I loved about it

I can’t hide the fact that my “teenage years” are well and truly behind me, if I’m ID’d it positively makes my week these days. However I did love reliving those fond feelings of friendship and new romance through Emme’s relationships with Brendon, Kylie and the other students.

I had initially thought that this would be a “fluffy” high school drama kind of book, and in some ways the earlier parts were. So it was great to see how Emme deals with her grandparent’s illnesses. It’s not something I have personal experience with but it did add a depth to the story which I wasn’t expecting.

What I loathed about it

I couldn’t help but find Emme a little irritating and I didn’t really warm to her as much as I usually do with main characters. Saying that though I don’t think I would warm particularly well to me at that age either so who knows!

For me, this is teenage life circa the year 2000. By which I mean the modes of communication are strictly landlines and mobiles, ah I remember it well! I’m not sure in what decade the book is set but I found it difficult to believe that this is set in the present. I’m pretty sure the teenagers I know don’t even know what their landline number is let alone use it. Add to that the lack of social media and other forms of “chat” and the result is a little jarring with today’s teenage culture.


Overall I enjoyed the book, it’s not a genre I would usually pick up and I don’t think I will in the near future, but saying that the story was entertaining and enjoyable and I am glad I had the opportunity to try it.

When and where can you get it

You can buy Dating the It Guy on Amazon today

* Book provided FOC in exchange for an honest and fair review

Dating the It Guy by krysten Lindsay Hager Review



  1. April 8, 2018 / 6:28 pm

    I don’t often read YA myself due to the fact that it’s been a decade since I was a teen haha, but I do like to delve into them now and again and this sounds like a nice little read 🙂

    Rosy | Sparkles of Light Blog

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