Two Can Keep A Secret – Karen McManus

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Two Can Keep A Secret Synopsis

Note: This review is spoiler-free!

A perfect town is hiding secrets. Secrets that somebody would kill to keep hidden.

Ellery’s never been to Echo Ridge, but she’s heard all about it.

It’s where her aunt went missing at age sixteen, never to return. Where a Homecoming Queen’s murder five years ago made national news.

And now she has to live there with her estranged grandmother, after her mother lands in rehab.

Malcolm grew up in the shadow of the Homecoming Queen’s death.

His older brother was the prime suspect and left Echo Ridge in disgrace.

But now he’s back- just as mysterious threats appear around town, hinting that a killer will strike again.

Then another girl disappears.

As Ellery and Malcolm race to unravel what happened, they realise every secret has layers in Echo Ridge.

Why did I pick it?

Since One of Us is Lying was my favourite book of 2017, I could not WAIT to pick this one up.

What I loved about it

I loved the setting of this novel, it reminded me a bit of Scream, with a hint of Stranger Things, that was certainly the “vibe” I got from it anyway. It’s also set over Halloween which only adds to the eery feel of the novel.

This novel had all the suspense of the first novel and again I couldn’t put it down, I just had to find out what would happen next.

I also liked the mixture of POV’s for the characters. I actually listened to this as an audiobook and the change in style between the various POV’s was great.

What I loathed about it

Although it still had the suspense, it didn’t keep me guessing in the same way One of Us is Lying did. I think maybe it was just a bit too obvious. I had a pretty good idea of what was happening by the time I was two-thirds of the way through this one.


If you love a bit of suspense in your YA then this one is worth a look. A little more predictable than most but no less enjoyable!

When and where can you can get it

You can purchase Two Can Keep a Secret on Amazon today


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