First Purchases with Beauty Pie

Beauty Pie is one of those brands I’ve always been sceptical on. Could the products REALLY be that good? Usually, the more something is hyped up on Instagram, the less likely I am to look into it. However, too many people I follow have said how much they love Beauty Pie (and these are people who I respect the opinion of!) for me not to give it a go.

New skincare finds with Facetheory

Facetheory felt like a natural progression for my skinc Their formulas are no-nonsense, you know what you’re getting with a clear INCI list and definitions.

My Drunk Elephant Routine | 3 months on

If you follow any beauty bloggers you can’t fail to have heard about Drunk Elephant. It’s a beauty brand that’s really taken off recently. As famous for its distinct packaging and lack of the Suspicious 6™, as it is for its price tag.

Temple Spa New Discoveries

I’ve collected a fair few miniatures recently, and I love them as an opportunity to try new products without the investment. Here are some of my Temple Spa hits and misses.

Trying Tropic Skincare

I’ve been pretty happy with my current skincare routine for a few months now, but with those products starting to run out I thought it was worth seeing what else was out there. Being a…

Pregnancy Skincare

Although I was quite prepared for my body to change, and knew the outcome would be worth it, I really wanted to limit the damage as much as possible.

Temple Spa Treats

As I’ve already mentioned I’m a big fan of Temple Spa’s skincare. So after a few months of using their products as part of my daily routine, I decided to treat myself to a few…

Current Skincare Staples – Winter 2017

This winter has been INSANELY harsh on my skin, so I’ve invested way more time into my skincare routine that I would normally. A quick tone and cleanse with my Temple Spa favs  just isn’t enough on…