Reflections on World Breastfeeding Week

On World Breastfeeding Week, to the Mum who couldn’t meet her breastfeeding goals, who stumbled early on, I see you.

Postpartum weight loss with FIIT

Am I even allowed to call it “postpartum” anymore? I mean yes, it is partly baby weight, but it’s also a combination of all the biscuits and cake I have consumed. And my baby is nearly two!

The hunt for the ultimate baby changing bag

When you have to take so much stuff everywhere with you, it’s going to be cumbersome, you might as well do it as efficiently and stylishly as possible right?

Top 10 Pregnancy Purchases

When I was pregnant I hadn’t a CLUE what I would need. In fact, I didn’t actually think I would need much as naive as that sounds! … PAH! how wrong I was!

Pregnancy Skincare

Although I was quite prepared for my body to change, and knew the outcome would be worth it, I really wanted to limit the damage as much as possible.