First Purchases with Beauty Pie

Beauty Pie is one of those brands I’ve always been sceptical on. Could the products REALLY be that good? Usually, the more something is hyped up on Instagram, the less likely I am to look into it. However, too many people I follow have said how much they love Beauty Pie (and these are people who I respect the opinion of!) for me not to give it a go.

King of Scars – Leigh Bardugo

Having loved all the previous Grishaverse books I couldn’t wait for this. I mean I added it to my TBR list two years before it was released, I was THAT keen. Nikolai is one of my favourite characters and so the fact he was getting his own series…. YES PLEASE!

New skincare finds with Facetheory

Facetheory felt like a natural progression for my skinc Their formulas are no-nonsense, you know what you’re getting with a clear INCI list and definitions.

Ninth House – Leigh Bardugo

YA fiction this isn’t. It covers some triggering and thought-provoking topics. Great for fans of Dan Brown and those that like their fantasy novels routed in truth with a smattering of magic.

My Drunk Elephant Routine | 3 months on

If you follow any beauty bloggers you can’t fail to have heard about Drunk Elephant. It’s a beauty brand that’s really taken off recently. As famous for its distinct packaging and lack of the Suspicious 6™, as it is for its price tag.

Two Can Keep A Secret – Karen McManus

If you love a bit of suspense in your YA then this one is worth a look. A little more predictable than most but no less enjoyable!

The Queen’s Assassin – Melissa De La Cruz

It very much sticks to YA fantasy themes. Yes they have been done before and I could completely trash this novel for giving me nothing original BUT, I ENJOYED it.

Postpartum weight loss with FIIT

Am I even allowed to call it “postpartum” anymore? I mean yes, it is partly baby weight, but it’s also a combination of all the biscuits and cake I have consumed. And my baby is nearly two!