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When you have to take so much stuff everywhere with you, it’s going to be cumbersome, you might as well do it as efficiently and stylishly as possible right?

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When the opportunity came up to spend some time simply exploring Liverpool I jumped at the chance to discover what Liverpool had to offer.

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A suspense filled riot of a book full of dinosaurs which will keep you happy until book 3.

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When I was pregnant I hadn’t a CLUE what I would need. In fact, I didn’t actually think I would need much as naive as that sounds! … PAH! how wrong I was!

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A have a BIG problem with this book, HUGE in fact. The whole thing feels like a massive money-making scheme on the part of Sarah J. Maas and the publishers.

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Although I was quite prepared for my body to change, and knew the outcome would be worth it, I really wanted to limit the damage as much as possible.