Moonlit Waltz – Kathleen Collins*

I really enjoyed Moonlit Waltz, a Cinderella retelling, I just wanted more. More shifting, more angst and more adventure!

Emerge – Tobie Easton*

At first, I was unsure about Emerge, but once the story got going and I got to understand the characters a little more I couldn’t put this book down.

Passenger – Alexandra Bracken

Patience is required for Passenger, due to the slower pace, but the locations and character development make it well worth the effort.

Bookishly Ever After – Isabel Bandeira*

From reading the synopsis of Bookishly Ever After I could just tell that the author was clearly a massive YA fan.

The Girl with the Make-Believe Husband – Julia Quinn

Since picking up the Bridgerton series years ago I’ve been in love with the original plot lines and the wit that she weaves into the character interactions.

A Daughter’s Courage – Renita D’Silva*

Renita’s passion for the culture and the country itself came across in the writing and the descriptions of the scenes.

Spring Book Review Wrap Up

I love reading, but unfortunately, I won’t have the time to review every book I read in detail. Otherwise, I’ll never get the chance to read them in the first place. So instead I’m going…

Beauty of the Beast – Rachel L. Demeter | Book Review*

Although this is a retelling I never felt like I was reading the same story yet again. It even had suspense and unexpected plot twists.