• Lockdown Renovations with Photowall *

    Lockdown Renovations with Photowall *

Emerge – Tobie Easton*

At first, I was unsure about Emerge, but once the story got going and I got to understand the characters a little more I couldn’t put this book down.

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Passenger – Alexandra Bracken

Patience is required for Passenger, due to the slower pace, but the locations and character development make it well worth the effort.

Bookishly Ever After – Isabel Bandeira*

From reading the synopsis of Bookishly Ever After I could just tell that the author was clearly a massive YA fan.

The Body Shop’s Drops of Youth Range

I’ve always been a big fan of The Body Shop®, but in recent years I have found myself falling out of love with the brand and moving on to other skincare products. Recently when a…

My Italian Adventure Packing Essentials*

I’m getting pretty good at this multi destination holiday lark, but our recent trip to Italy proved to be my biggest packing challenge yet. Not only was there a mixture of urban and rural destinations…

Glasshouse, Cleveleys, Lancashire*

In early July I was invited by Glasshouse Cleveleys, the new cocktail bar & bistro, to attend their VIP opening evening. Cleveleys doesn’t have many nighttime venues, which is a shame. So whenever somewhere new like…

Relaxing Reading, my favourite places to read*

Reading has long been an important part of my life, however finding somewhere peaceful to relax and really enjoy it these days is increasingly difficult. Those of you with children added to the mix,  rather…

Jo Loves Fresh Sweet Peas Hand & Body Lotion

I’ve been wanting to share this little beauty with you all ever since it arrived in June from my lovely Auntie for my birthday. I very rarely get to visit Jo Loves these days and I’m…